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Our Services

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Our Services

The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition (MN-HHC) has developed an Authentic Hip Hop Academic Studies Program based in the lineage of Kool DJ Herc, Afrika Bammbataa, the Teacha “KRS-One”, and Minista Zin Uru of The Temple Of Hip Hop.

The MN-HHC will be able to provide access to a Hip Hop Academic Curriculum rooted in teaching the origins and deeper principals of living an authentic Hip Hop experience!!

The MN-HHC provides a Hip Hop Academic Curriculum to educate students of all levels so they posses a base knowledge of Hip Hop that will guide communities through the proper ways to approach Hip Hop in all areas of life. This is an accumulated curriculum that has been specifically influenced by the contributions of our Hip Hop Pioneers. From now on others teach hip-hop (products/services).. but we will also teach Hiphop (consciousness) & Hip Hop (culture)!!


The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition (MN-HHC) provides the following services:

Hip Hop Curriculums

  • The Origins Of Hip Hop
  • The 9 Elements
  • The Refinitions
  • Real Hip Hop
  • The H-LAW
  • The Inner City
  • The Divine Performance

Hip Hop Courses

  • The Origins of Hiphop and Hip Hop History
  • The Three Natures Of Hip Hop
  • The Inner City
  • The Intelligent Movement
  • Hip Hop Declaration Of Peace
  • The Hip Hop Activist

Hip Hop Workshops

  • The Great Event
  • Hip Hop The Movement
  • The Art Of Self-Creation

Hip Hop Stop The Violence Training

  • The Stop The Violence Movement's Official Techniques

Hip Hop Inclusion, Engagement, & Business Application

  • How To Include Hip Hop Culture In Your Business or Institution
  • How To Provide Authentic Hip Hop Marketing Strategies

MN-HHC “All-Ages Ticket Matching Program"

The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition “All-Ages Ticket Matching Program" is a way for individuals or businesses to work with other local businesses, non-profits, schools, youth centers, in all Minnesota communities. Every contribution made to The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition “All-Ages Ticket Matching” Program will allow each donor a chance to give event tickets away to their own social networks. But donors may also opt-in to collaborate with local establishments to specifically benefit Hip Hop Youth in various communities throughout Minnesota.

MN-HHC "Hip Hop Youth Development Program"

This program is designed to apply Edu-tainment techniques that will provide a deeper history about Hip Hop Culture; along with each of its 9 Elements; to help Youth & Young Adults manage the large amounts of information being pushed on them daily. This program will enhance self-awareness and a sense of self-identity that will be intrigral in uplifting the community as a whole.

Contact Us To Secure Your Authentic Hip Hop Edu-tainment:

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