Our Mission

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Mission Statement

The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition (MN-HHC) is dedicated to the preservation of our states Hiphop Kulture. Our goal is to facilitate critical thinking in order to foster social change and unity by empowering communities through the use of Edu-tainment, leadership, mentoring, as well as media & technology, as to preserve the Hiphop Kulture for future generations.

Our Focus

The focus of the Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition (MN-HHC) is to educate as well as network with thinkers, artists, activists, and community leaders throughout Minnesota. Through this we will work to enrich the Hip Hop Community, and promote positive, resourceful, interdependence, and consciousness that will help to create a progressive change in our society as a whole.

Being a lead representative of Hip Hop in Minnesota we will work to increase awareness about this multifaceted Kulture, its elements, and philosophies that Minnesotans are a part of, while providing positive guidelines about the Hiphop Kulture through use of the “Hip Hop Declaration Of Peace” & “The Gospel Of Hip Hop”. This will help to develop broad multi-cultural relationships in the general public and with businesses. Through this Focus our aim is to also increase an understanding about this Kulture in Minnesota in order to create new opportunities and willingness to help all of our communities thrive. In order to build this awareness and support we will work with individuals throughout the Minnesota Hip Hop community to develop new ways for individuals, businesses, and organizations to come together through this diverse Kulture and the universal language of music and art.

Our History

The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition (MN-HHC) was founded in 2001. By 2008 the MN-HHC began working directly with The Temple Of Hip Hop, The Stop The Violence Movement, The Universal Zulu Nation, and the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (U.N.E.S.C.O.). With 13 years in development, we have organized with Hip Hop's pioneers and pillar organizations along with several local community leaders and organizations throughout Minnesota to establish a national model.

The goal of our International Hiphop Kulture

Our aim as an International Hiphop Kulture has always been a multi-skilled, multicultural, multi-faith, multiracial people committed to the establishment and development of peace. This is why the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, aka U.N.E.S.C.O, has signed the International Hip Hop Declaration of Peace as the lifestyle or cultural extension of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.