Justus Sanchez | Biography

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The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition

- Advisory Committee Member

(Mass Media & Contributing Writer)

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Justus Sanchez is a Minnesota native and St. Cloud State University graduate currently living in Minneapolis. He and Derek Ehlert head the Breaks X Lakes portion of the Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition. Breaks X Lakes fuses their passion for the Minnesota Hip Hop community, journalism, and radio.

Growing up in rural Minnesota Justus has always enjoyed music with raw energy and passion. He found Hip Hop in high school when the rock music he was listening to became sickenly redundant and soulless. “I was drawn to Hip Hop because there is so much variety, and it always had so much realness to it; it didn’t seem so far away.” 

And it wasn’t. Aside from becoming addicted to all Hip Hop, he became especially attracted to the local scene. “I really got into the Minnesota scene because these artists were rapping about places and things that Minnesotans can relate to. For me, that adds an extra level of connection that you don’t get from out-of-state artists.” That connection and sense of community is what drove Justus and his great friend Derek to found the Breaks X Lakes news blog. “We want more people to know about the incredible depth and variety in Minnesota”.

Aside from Breaks X Lakes, Justus is a hobby beat maker and freelance radio producer. You can keep up with him on twitter at @JustusMN and @BREAKSxLAKES.