JayDee Beat Batch Wars: Honoring A Legend Through Battle

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There are many ways to honor a person of greatness, this could be done through marches, memorials, murals or even song, but bringing people together to witness the battle element of Hip Hop is very unique.

When one thinks of battling particularly in Hip Hop culture, they may think off the top of an MC battle or DJ battle, rarely does our consciousness think about how beat producers’ would battle? Same rules basically as the above two... lose once and you’re out.. only come with your best cause in the famous words of Rakim.. “no mistakes aloud”.

JayDee Beat Batch Wars will be taking place at First Avenue Nightclub, in the 7th St. Entry, on December 14th, 2016. This will be 'Battle Ground Territory' for 16 Producers from the Twin Cities to get nice against one another, no violence, just hard knocking beats to move the crowd.

Producers will go head-to-head not only to win cash and an exclusive J Dilla merch package, but more importantly to honor and remember the late great James Dewitt Yancey aka JayDee or J Dilla. James is known for setting the bar very high through his work producing (in all genres), so his legacy and music will live forever!

16 Producers Go Head-2-Head

    Benzilla (defending champ)
    Tommy Karate
    Sun Chi Som
    Katana Da Don Productions  
    Aaron Price
    "Greater Than"

    Mic Titan
     D Smooth
     Black Magick
     Jake Tang
     Buddy Madison


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Beat Batch Wars will also showcase up and coming Emcee's Empire X and Shylee, both with ferocious delivery, incredible stage presence and socially conscious lyrics. Veteran DJ’s Francisco and SciPreme, of the Universal Movement for the Advancement of Hip Hop, will keep attendees necks sore from continuous unconscious head bobbin’.  All in all, the night is for the producers to shine and share their work all while attempting to slay their opponents.

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With the event being hosted by Chadwick “Niles” Phillips of the Avant Garde, this night will not only be refreshing for the Twin Cities, but it will also serve as a fundraiser for the Twin Cities Annual DillaDay Weekend coming in March of 2017 which is put on by the James Dewitt Yancey Foundation MN Chapter and the Twin Cities DillaDay Committee.

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Tickets can be purchased for the JayDee Beat Batch Wars at:

First Avenue Ticket Purchasing OR Call 651-270-7592

December 14th 2016
18+ Event w/ Valid
$8 ADV / $10 Day Of Show

Questions about the battle; or to know more about the James Dewitt Yancey Foundation;
or even join the Twin Cities DillaDay Committee please contact:

Reies Romero
Social Worker/DJ/Community Activist | Co-Founder: U.M.A.A.H.
James Dewitt Yancey Foundation MN Chapter Director
Community Outreach Director: MYLA
Certified Speaker: IRG  

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 651-270-7592

JayDee Forever...